Boardwalk Strorage Company Logo

Who We Are

Boardwalk Storage Company is the owner and operator of the Choctaw Natural Gas Storage cavern in the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor.

This high deliverability salt-dome cavern is located northeast of Henry Hub, one of the largest trading hubs for natural gas in North America.

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Our Operations

Boardwalk Storage Company, located at the Choctaw Hub facility southwest of Baton Rouge, is uniquely situated at the cross-section of supply areas and market demand centers.

Supply Sources

  • Access to multiple supply sources through third party pipelines

Markets Served

  • Gateway to the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor
  • Access to growing natural gas-fired power generation customers in the Southeastern US
  • Access to Gulf Coast LNG terminals via Texas Eastern

Connected Pipelines

  • Southern Natural, Florida Gas, Texas Eastern, Acadian, Enlink, and DOW

Our Services

What We Do: Our experienced industry professionals provide safe and reliable natural gas transportation and storage services supported by a strong commitment to customer service.

Storage Highlights:

  • One natural gas high deliverability salt dome storage cavern with a working gas capacity of 7.6 Bcf at our Choctaw Hub in Louisiana